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4K Encoder / Decoder with SRT

Product Features

TCS-8500 is a 4K encoder / decoder that supports SRT, Onvif, RTSP, RTMP, MPEG-TS, etc.
It is possible to switch between encoder mode and decoder mode by setting, and when operated in decoder mode, various video sources such as SRT, Onvif, RTSP, MPEG-TS can be decoded and displayed on a 4K monitor.
When operated in encoder mode, it can stream the video and record to a USB memory connected to the main unit at the same time.

– Equipped with SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol
Advanced video transmission technology with security through encryption, reliability by packet loss recovery, and interoperability that enables networks connected with many different devices.
SRT(Secure Reliable Transport)比較
– Ideal for video transmission via 5G!
– Supports 4K / 60fps that achieves high-quality and smooth images.
– Compatible with H.265, which has a high compression rate.
– Compliant with Onvif Profile S / Profile G .
Can be combined with cameras and recorders from different manufacturers.
– Supports PTZ camera control protocol (Sony, Panasonic, Pelco-D).
– Supports recording to a USB memory connected to the main unit.
– Supports HDMI input (SDI input is also possible with a converter) .
– Up to 4 streams can be delivered simultaneously.
– Supports remote camera PTZ control with RS-232C / 422 / 485.

Connection configuration example

Connection configuration example

Bidirectional audio transmission
Connection configuration example
Convert audio signals to IP. Transmission is possible via the IP network.
It can be used for both one-way and two-way voice communication.

IP transmission of HDMI signal
Connection configuration example
HDMI signals can be converted to IP and transmitted via an IP network.
Not only can it be decoded by the TCS-8500 and output to a monitor, but it can also be displayed on a web browser or VMS.
Recording is also possible by inserting a USB memory.
RS-232C / 422/485 also supports remote camera PTZ control.

The perfect solution for these customers

– Back channel and video confirmation of broadcast material.
– Digital signage.
– Drone Proportional System Video Transmission.
– Live broadcast of sports events with intense movements.
– Operation information management for railways, etc.

Product Specifications

Product name TCS-8500
Product code 191-TR-008
Compression method H.264, H.265, MJPEG
Type Encoder / Decoder
Resolution Input 320 x 240 ~ 3840 x 2160
Maximum frame rate 60fps @3840×2160
Video Input HDMI x 1 (Type A)
Output HDMI x 1 (Type A)
Data rate 32kbps~50Mbps (When using  H.264/H.265) *
Audio Standard G.711 / AAC
Input Line-In x1 (mini-monaural type) , HDMI (Monaural)
Output Line-Out x1 (mini-monaural type) , HDMI (Input Bypass)
Sample rate G.711 : 8kHz, AAC : 32kHz / 44.1kHz / 48kHz
Data rate G.711 : 64kbps, AAC : 64kbps / 128kbps
Network Ethernet 10/100/1000BASE-T (RJ-45) x1
– Full/Half duplex Auto detection
– Auto MDI/MDI-X
– IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet PD
USB port USB3.0 x1
External device Alarm port Alarm output x2
Sensor port Sensor input x2
Serial port RS-232 x1
RS-422/485 x1
Size (W) 134 x (H) 33 x (D) 125mm (Does not include protrusions)
Weight 459.4g (only a main body)
Power supply DC12V
Power consumption 6.5W (Maximum)
Operating temperature -10~+50℃
Operating humidity 20~80%RH (No condensation)
Storage temperature 0~40℃
Storage humidity 20~65%RH (No condensation)
Certification CE, FCC, VCCI Class A
Product warranty period Main unit : 1year
AC adapter : 2years
Accessories AC adapter x1
securing bracket x2
Screws for securing bracket x4

*Can not specify the bit rate when using MJPEG. Only VBR is supported. (When 4K / 30FPS, Quality = Ultra Fine, about 80-200Mbps).

*Prior verification is recommended for customers who are considering operation in combination with other companies’ products. When connecting to other companies’ products, various problems such as communication interruption may occur. In addition, we do not support connections other than those of recommended by us.

List of HDMI compatible resolutions
640×480 p60
720×480 p60
720×576 p60
800×600 p60
1024×768 p60
1280×720 p50/60
1280×1024 p60
1440×900 p60
1600×1200 p60
1920×1080 p24/25/30/50/60
1920×1080 i50/60
2560×1440 p30
2560×1600 p60
3840×2160 p24/25/30/50/60

INPUT : Resolution that can be input from HDMI IN of Encoder .
OUTPUT : Resolution that can be output from HDMI OUT of Encoder / Decoder.

List of supported drop frames
Supported resolution Drop frame
480P60 59.94
720P60 59.94
1080P24 23.98
1080P30 29.97
1080P60 59.94
1600P60 59.94
4K P24 23.98
4K P30 29.97
4K P60 59.94

Product appearance


– Supports maximum resolution of 3840 x 2160

– Maximum frame rate:60fps @3840×2160

– In encoder mode, it is possible to record to USB memory at the same time as streaming video.