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HYTEC INTER Co., Ltd . (hereinafter called "our company") has managed this Web site for information disclosure. When the customer accessess this Web site, it explains would like you to consent beforehand and juridical notes.

About the copyright etc.

Information described in this Web site is protected by the copyright that our company and the third party possess and other laws. The customer use the infomraion on the Web site regarding published information, photograph, illustration, design for private use or citation only. Our company cannot use it without permission in the reprint, the reproduction, and any purpose and the mode like a public transmission etc. , except when the Copyright Law provides. The description matter of this Web site is a previous notice and changes or might be abolished.

About the trademark

The company name and the product name, etc. described in this Web site are the trademarks or registered trademarks of each each company. The display of the "TM" mark or the "R(R)" mark is omitted on this Web site.

About a browser used

To inspect and to use this Web site comfortably, I will recommend the following browsers.

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„ Mozilla FireFox3.6 or later
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ŠThe web browsers listed above are required for a secure operation of PC.

Test of PC's operation is done in these environments below.
„ Mozilla FireFox3.6.15
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„ Opera 11.01
About SSL

Input information is encrypted by SSL(Secure Socket Layer), and customer's individual information is protected from the dangers of the loss, destruction, and the falsification, etc. on this Web site. Please see the page the following banner ahead about a detailed explanation of SSL.


On this Web site, FLASH is used on a part of page. The plug-in of Macromedia Flash Player 6 or more is necessary to use the page of FLASH. The player's download is here.

About the link

Please contact URL on the page in the management subject of the site of the link origin, the purpose of the link, and the link origin etc. our company beforehand when it is linked with this top page of this Web site.. I hope linking ahead as a rule. According to circumstances, the link might be refused.

About the immunity

It was linked from this Web site, and our company was not concerned at all, and doesn't assume the responsibility of the content and the services of the Web site other than this Web site. Validity and the accuracy of information described in this Web site and the published data are assumed to be the one judged by the customer. When this Web site is offered, our company doesn't guarantee all.

About the handling of protection of Personally identifiable information (Personal information)

When inquiring, we may collect the name and the mail address, etc. by the customer on this Web site. When personal information is offered from the customer, the purpose of use is specified, and it doesn't use it on this Web site except the purpose. And, the management representative is left when offered personal information is handled and appropriate management is done. This Web site will indicate to the third party as long as there is no approval of the customer about customer's personal information, and not offer it at all. However, it is assumed the one, except for no this as follows when corresponding.

„ When the customer agrees to disclosing individual information.
„ By the request of the law or government and municipal offices when indication is necessary.
„ When it is necessary for managing this site, customer's personal information might be disclosed with the company the business consignment ahead. In this case, disclosed individual information limits only within the necessary range, and persists in the management of customer's individual information to the indication destination by the contract etc.

Please contact to the window published in the page where personal information is registered to the customer when indication, the correction, and the deletion of own individual information are requested from the customer.