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Management Philosophy

As an “industrial networks and video communication professional” Hytec Inter Co., Ltd. provides technology solutions that solve customers’ problems, contribute to the development of society, and pursue the well-being of its employees.

Company Mission Statement

Ahead of Time

  1. A company that provides products and services ahead of the customer’s desired delivery date.
  2. A company that plans and proposes products ahead of time for a customer’s plan.
  3. A company that can plan, develop, and provide products and services that meet the future needs of customer projects.

Customer Satisfaction

  1. A company that provides the technical support and customer support needed for the success of a project.
  2. A company that proposes products and services that solve customer problems and actively assists in pre-verification.
  3. A company that offers a unique lineup of modems and legacy devices, including those that have been discontinued by major telecommunications equipment manufacturers, and provides products tailored to the real network environment of customers.


  1. A company that provides high quality reliable products for the success of customer projects.
  2. A company that carries out in house technical verification of both hardware and software before selling products.
  3. A company that conducts advanced product tests to meet the required performance in the specific environment of a customer.

Utilization of Industry-leading Technology

  1. A company that continuously stays up to date on the most cutting edge technology in industrial wireless devices, video communications and PoE, and incorporates it into future products.
  2. A company that meets difficult challenges head on, creates new value, and commercializes it.
  3. A company that can propose the optimum package by technically verifying and combining different technical fields.


  1. A company that continuously researches information on the latest products and technologies available worldwide, and evaluates how and whether these will solve the problems faced by customers.
  2. A company that highly values relationships with overseas business partners and strives to stay ahead of the game on the latest technologies and industry trends that are not yet widely known.
  3. In the future, we aim to be a global company solving customer problems worldwide by providing valuable technologies and solutions in the field of industrial and public networks and video communications.