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Mobile Ad-hoc Networking (MANET) Smart Radio

Product Features

MPU5 is Mobile Ad-hoc Networking (MANET) smart radio cable of high-speed data wireless transmissions that can be used in Japan as an unmanned mobile transmission system in the 5.7 GHz band.

It is possible to not only transmit high-precision images from cameras mounted on drones, UAVs and ground robots, but also to send and receive robot control signals at the same time.

MPU5 has two types, an integrated type with a built-in battery and antenna, and a module type for integrated systems, so it is possible to plan and configure a highly flexible system according to the installation environment.

As a communication interface, in addition to Ethernet, for IP communication, it also has SDI for video and USB and RS-232C for robot control.

*Highly stable SISO method (maximum speed 50 Mbps) is recommended for video transmission.

Usage example

Want to transmit video from a relay vehicle using a wireless line at an event venue, etc.

– Wi-Fi cannot be used due to a lot of radio wave interference .
– FPU (Field Pickup Unit) is expensive.
– Non-LOS and over-the-horizon communication is difficult.
– Want to use while moving with battery drive.

With “MPU5”
– Using the 5.7GHz band, stable video transmission is possible without radio wave interference.
– Communication is possible with a line of sight with a radius of 5 km.
– Ad hoc (mesh) communication enables non-LOS and over-the-horizon communication while relaying.
– Battery-powered, can be used while moving.

Usage example

Usage example

Product usage image

Equipped with unmanned aerial vehicle (drone / UAV) 

Unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) implementation
UGV(Unmanned Ground Vechile)実装

Adhoc image of multiple drones

Watch in the video! MPU5

Product Specifications

Frequency bandwidth 10MHz, 20MHz
Frequency (MHz) 10MHz 5655, 5665, 5675, 5685, 5695, 5705, 5715, 5725, 5740, 5750
20MHz 5660, 5680, 5700, 5720, 5745
Maximum transmit power 1W
Antenna type Omnidirectional antenna (3xMIMO)
Antenna gain 3.5dBi
Maximum communication speed 150Mbps
Construction design certification R 209-J00294
Main Body
Product name Product code Remarks
MPU5 main unit (including battery) 180-PT-001 MPU5 integrated body. Wireless module is not included.
MPU5 embedded module kit 180-PT-003 A set of embedded modules for MPU5. Wireless module is not included.




Optional product
Product name Product code Remarks
Wireless module RF-5100 180-PT-002 It is a wireless module that can be attached to the MPU5 main unit or MPU5 embedded type.
Size : 9.7×6.6×1.3cm
Weight : 130g
Omni antenna ANT-4006 182-PT-001 An omnidirectional antenna with a gain of 3.5 dBi. Three are required for one MPU5 or embedded MPU5.
Length : 19.1cm
Weight : 57.3g
Terminal: RP-TNC male type
GPS antenna ANT-4001 182-PT-002 Required when using the GPS function with MPU5.
Length : 4.4cm
Weight : 30g
Panel antenna set MA-WA55-4QP13B 182-MA-K002 It is a panel type antenna for MP5 with a gain of 13dBi.
When connecting to MPU5, three separate coaxial cables
(N-type male connectors on both ends) are required.
Accessories: Mounting bracket ×1, TNC-N conversion connectors ×1, Terminal device ×1
Body dimensions : 20x20x3.3cm (excluding protrusions)
Body Weight : 465g
Weight of mounting bracket : 730g
DC Electrical cable CBL-PWR-0005 187-PT-003 It is a DC power cable that supplies power to the MPU5 integrated type
instead of the battery
Input : DC12~28V
With 12V stabilized output voltage output terminal (2.1mm jack type) for HD-SDI cameras
Ether/USB(Drive) cable CBL-DATA-2007 187-PT-004 It is a cable to give the MPU5 integrated type the functions of Ether (RJ-45 female) terminal and USB (drive) terminal.
Length : 29cm
HDMI output/USB(Host) cable CBL-DATA-3002 187-PT-005 It is a cable to give the function of HDMI output terminal (female type) and USB (host) terminal to MPU5 integrated type.
Length : 61cm
RS-232C cable CBL-DATA-2005 187-PT-010 It is a cable to give RS-232C (D sub 9 pin female type) terminal function to MPU5 integrated type.
Length : 29cm
Battery BAT-06 187-PT-007 Spare battery for MPU5 integrated type.
Capacity : DC10.8V 73Wh
Size : 8.1×6.6×3.8cm
Battery charger BAT-11 187-PT-006 It is a dedicated charger for the BAT-06 battery.
Input : DC10~32V、60W
Size : 9.7×14.0x6.6cm
Weight : 274g
<Attached power adapter>
Input : AC100~240V、Output: 24V 3.0A
Size : 10.2×6.6×3.6cm
Weight : 462g
HD-SDI camera ACC-VID-2005 187-PT-012 An HD camera with an SDI interface.
Power supply : DC12V、Maximum 6W
Size : 6.0×5.7×4.5cm
Weight : 160g
SDI cable CBL-VID-2001 187-PT-009 This cable inputs the video output of the HD-SDI camera to the MPU5.
Length : 61cm
Weight : 29.5g
MPU5 mounting holder (black)  Radio.Holster 187-JU-001
MPU5 mounting holder (Brown)  Radio.Holster 187-JU-002

Product appearance


– Available in Japan as an unmanned mobile image transmission system in the 5.7 GHz band.

– Achieves high-precision video transmission of camera and transmission / reception of robot control signal at the same time.

– Equipped with USB and RS-232C for robot control.