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RolaTube Rolacage Mast
Man Portable Mast (5m / 10m / Black)

Product Features

The RolaTube’s Rolacage mast consists of a base cage and a mast, and the mast can be installed quickly and easily by simply pulling it up to extend the mast stored in rolled form in the cage, and then setting the guy ropes for stability.

Up to the maximum height of the pole (5m / 10m), it can be adjusted to any desired height and installed.

The cage can be fixed to the ground or bolted to a vehicle or trailer deck and can be carried with the mast stored in rolled form.

It is possible to build a network quickly even in an environment where there is no permanent network, such as during an event or in the aftermath of a disaster, by temporarily installing wireless devices, base stations and antennas that can be easily installed and removed.

Watch in the video! RolaTube Rolacage Mast

Product Specifications

Product name RolaTube Rolacage Mast (5m, black) RolaTube Rolacage Mast (10m, black)
Product code 188-RT02-0002 188-RT02-0001
Maximum loading weight 5kg 12kg
Mast diameter 3 inch(75mm) 4 inch(100mm)
Maximum mounting length (when using base cap) 5m
Maximum loading length (when stored in the cage) 4m 10m
Wind speed at maximum deployment 26m/s 27m/s
Packing size (W)400 x(H)280 x(D)300 mm (W)420 x(H)270 x(D)285 mm
Gross weight (including components) 7.8kg 25kg
Conformity standard MIL-STD-810G
Recommended number of pillars 4 people 5 people
Color Black
Optional product
Product code Product name
188-RT02-0006 Cambium antena mount

Product appearance