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PTP 670 Series
Outdoor 4.9GHz Long Distance Wireless Bridge

Product Features

– Configuration example
Configuration example
Configuration example
Configuration example

– Product Features
The PTP 670 series is an outdoor long-distance wireless bridge that supports the 4.9 GHz band. It supports a wide operating temperature of -30 to + 60 ℃ and can be installed in places with severe temperature conditions.

Salt water spray test * Performed
It is resistant to salt damage and can be used in areas along the sea and in remote islands.
*IEC60068-2-11(salt spray test )

Equipped with an HCMP (High-capacity multipoint) function, enabling point-to-multipoint communication up to 1: 8.

By using a reflector (passive repeater), it is not necessary to install a relay station that requires a power supply.

PTP 670-I 4.9GHz wireless access device body (built-in 23dBi antenna)
High-power machine capable of long-distance communication.
Maximum transmission output: 14dBm
Antenna gain: 23dBi

PTP 670-C-H 4.9GHz wireless access device body (external antenna)
Maximum transmission output: 14dBm/8dBm
Antenna gain: 23±1dBi/29±1dBi
Supports space diversity
Two external antennas are required.

Usage example:Comfortable wireless communication at Mt. Fuji

Usage example:富士山で快適無線通信

Wireless entrances are installed at the foot of the mountain, at the 5th and 8th stations along the way, and at the top for climbers who want to send photos using their mobile phones on Mt. Fuji during the summer mountain opening season.

The perfect solution for these customers

– Steelworks, chemical factories, oil plants, electric power companies, remote island communications, natural disaster monitoring, disaster prevention, etc.
(Build a long-distance wireless LAN bridge)
By using a high-gain antenna and a high-sensitivity receiving system, it is possible to perform long-distance transmission at a high data rate.

(DSO(Dynamic Spectrum Optimization)Function)
The DSO function can automatically search for the optimum channel from the available frequency channels.

(Over-the-horizon communication is possible)
The unique function of selecting the optimum communication mode according to the received signal strength enables stable communication even in an environment with poor visibility.

Product Specifications

Product name PTP 670-I 4.9GHz Wireless access equipment main unit(include 23dBi antenna) PTP 670-C-H 4.9GHz Wireless access equipment main unit(external antenna)
Product code 184-CB-013 184-CB-014
Wireless LAN related standards IEEE802.11j
Frequency band 4.910~4.990GHz
Frequency bandwidth 5MHz/10MHz/20MHz
Spectrum efficiency 10bps/Hz
Channel selection method Dynamic (DSO) or manual selection
*DSO : Dynamic channel selection by interference level
Maximum transmit power 14dBm 14dBm/8dBm
Reception sensitivity -96.6dBm *At 5MHz bandwidth
Modulation method/Error correction OFDM : BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM
Adaptive modulation method (Dual payload MIMO)
FEC coding
Data communication method – Adaptive/Fixed
– TDD (Time Division Duplex) method
Antenna gain 23dBi External antenna
Directivity Horizontal plane 10 ° / vertical plane 10 ° (3dB width)
Maximum link rate ~200Mbps
*Up to 2×2 MIMO, 20MHz channel width, 256QAM modulation
Latency (one way) 1~3ms
Security FIPS-197 compliant 128 / 256-bit AES Encryption (optional)
Ethernet bridge, TDM bridge
Protocol IEEE802.3
QoS IEEE802.1p, DSCP, MPLS label
Packet processing capacit 85kpps
Timing Sync-E, IEEE1588v2 (*1)
Frame size 9600Bytes
I/O connector Gigabit Ethernet port x2
– Data + PoE power reception (802.3af / at PD) x1
– PoE power supply (802.3 at PSE) x1 (Not supported)
– SFP port x1
TDM (T1/E1) support G.823 Timing compliance
TDM (T1/E1) Latency (one way) 1~3ms
*Depends on distance / link speed / modulation method
Management & Installation
LED display Power / Ethernet link – Send / receive
Network management In-band or out-of-band
IP protection class IP67
Installation Built-in beep, graphical spectrum analyzer
User account-based security policy
RADIUS client
Syslog / Event log
Size (W) 305 x (H) 338 x (D) 61 mm (Does not include mounting brackets) (W) 204 x (H) 318 x (D) 90 mm (Does not include mounting brackets)
Weight 3.3kg (include mounting brackets) 3.1kg (include mounting brackets)
Power supply PoE+
Power consumption 30W (Maximum)
Operating temperature -30~+60℃
Operating humidity 15~100%RH (No condensation)
Storage temperature -55~+85℃
Storage humidity 5~100%RH (No condensation)
IP protection class IP67
Specific radio equipment construction design certification number 003-130277/003-160252
Certification RoHS
Accessories Mounting bracket x1
Product warranty period 1year

*1 : Please contact us for optional product.

Optional product
External antenna for 4.9GHz wireless access device main unit for PTP 650/670 series
Product name 23dBi antenna for PTP 650/670 series 29dBi antenna for PTP 650/670 series
Product code With terminal : 182-MA-K001
No terminal : 182-MA-005
Type 5GHz band dual polarization type panel antenna 5GHz band single polarization type panel antenna
Gain 23±1dBi 29±1dBi
VSWR 1.7 : 1 1.7 : 1
Polarized wave Horizontal & vertical dual polarization method Horizontal or vertical single polarization method
Interference between polarizations -20dB -20dB
Directivity Horizontal plane 10 ° / vertical plane 10 ° (3dB width) Horizontal plane 5 ° / vertical plane 5 ° (3dB width)
Maximum input 40dBm 37dBm
Input impedance 50Ω 50Ω
Surge protection DC grounding DC grounding
Connector 2 xN type femal 1 xN type femal
Size (W) 305 x (H) 305 x (D) 15 mm (W) 600 x (H) 600 x (D) 30mm
Weight 2.3kg (including mounting brackets) 6.5kg (including mounting brackets)
Operating temperature -55~+65℃ -40~+65℃
Maximum wind pressure 200km/h 200km/h
IP protection class IP67 IP67
External sector antenna
Product name Product code
16dBi Sector antenna 182-MA-003
Antenna option
Product name Product code
Antenna mount for 29dBi 187-HY-002
Power supply
Product name Product code
HPI-XG30 174-HY-005
HES-3303P60 Industrial GbE compatible PoE switch 144-HY-004
AC adapter for HES-3303P60 with AC cable 167-CN-K002
Surge protector
Product name Product code
LAN surge protector for PTP 650/670 series (compatible with direct lightning strikes) 156-CB-001
OLA-1000POE LAN surge protector (compatible with induced lightning) 156-OH-001
PTP 650/670 series 4.9GHz wireless access device 8DSFA coaxial cable for connecting the main unit and antenna
Product name Product code
8DSFA coaxial cable 200 cm L-shaped connector on both ends 183-OM-002

*Coaxial cable attenuation is approximately 1dB / m.

SFP module
Product name Product code
SFP (1000BASE, LC2 core, SMF / MMF) for PTP 650/670 series 162-CB-001
SFP (1000BASE, LC2 core, MMF) for PTP 650/670 series 162-CB-002
SFP (1000BASE, RJ-45) for PTP 650/670 series 162-CB-003
Product name Product code
AES 128-bit encryption license for PTP 650/670 series 184-CB-007
AES 256-bit encryption license for PTP 650/670 series 184-CB-008
PTP670 HCMP license 184-CB-017
Network Indoor Unit (NIDU)
Product name Network Indoor Unit (NIDU)
Product code 184-CB-011
System configuration – 2 NIDUs (1 NDIU installed on each side of wireless link)
– Superimpose IP data and TDM data on the drop cable between ODU and NIDU
Number of TDM ports E1 x8 or T1 x8
TIMING STANDARD (JITTER AND WANDER) Compliant with G.823 / G.824
TIMING Independent for each port (Compliant with G.823 / G.824)
Transmission route code AMI, B8ZS/HDB3
Line impedance 100/120 ohm
T1 / E1 delay (one way) 2-4ms (varies depending on distance, bandwidth, modulation mode and number of T1 / E1 ports)
LED display Ethernet : Activity/Alarm
ODU : Link/Activity/Alarm
E1/T1 : TDM signal/TDM activity
NETWORK MANAGEMENT NIDU control is controlled from the ODU to which the NIDU is connected.
(HTTP or HTTPS/TLS; SNMP v1, v2, v3; MIB-II and original PTP MIB)
LOOPBACK Local NIDU or remote ODU
Installation Flat or rack mount
Connecting to the network Standard CAT-5E(distance to NIDU and IP network equipment is up to 100m)
NIDU and ODU connections Standard RJ-45 (distance between ODU and NIDU up to 100m)
POWER 4-pin DC input (main power supply and backup power supply)
E1/T1 8E1/8T1 RJ-45 port
LAN Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 x1 (port2 unused)
ODU Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 x1 (port4 unused)
1PPS IN unused
Size (W) 218 x (H) 32 x (D) 172 mm (Does not include protrusions)
Weight 0.88㎏
Operating temperature -40~+60℃
Operating humidity 0~95%RH (No condensation)
Power supply AC adapter or DC supply
Operating voltage 40V~60VDC
Power consumption 8W (Maximum)
E1/T1 Line protection Compliant standard : GR1089-Intrabuilding, IEC 61000-4-5 and TIA-968-A and -B
PROTECTION AND SAFETY Compliant standard : IEC60950-1 2nd Edition, EN60950-1, UL 60950-1 2nd Edition; CSA-22.2 No. 60950-1-07 2nd Edition
EMC Compliant standard : FCC Part 15 Subpart B – Class B; EN55022/CISPR22 Class B; EN301 489-1
Network Indoor Unit (NIDU) : Optional product
Product name Product code
NIDU license for PTP 650/670 series 184-CB-012
19 inch rack mount kit for NIDU 154-CB-002
Necessary for operation in Okinawa Prefecture in Japan
Product name Product code
4.9G band bandpass filter 187-HY-001

Product appearance