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Real-time Video Monitoring System
Construction Site Safety

Product Features

Video monitoring is indispensable as one of the measures to ensure the safety of construction sites.
Our real-time video monitoring system combines a Full-HD smart IP mini bullet camera HIC-SB210, and a PoE HUB with built-in network video recorder from the HNR-A series. It can easily be installed and is plug and play.

Full-HD smart IP mini bullet camera “HIC-SB210” is equipped with SONY1/2.8”2 megapixel CMOS sensor, and achieves high resolution, high image quality and high dynamic range.
Additionally, the high-sensitivity image sensor is equipped with STARVIS technology, so it is possible to shoot clear images even at night.

The PoE HUB built-in network video recorder HNR-A004P is a digital recorder that can record high-quality camera video and audio.
It can be used for all monitoring purposes with numerous recording and search / playback functions.
Since it has a built-in PoE HUB, there is no need to prepare a separate power supply for the camera. Remote monitoring is possible with a PC, tablet or smartphone via LAN or the Internet.

Configuration example

Configuration example

Product Specifications

Real-time video monitoring system
– Full-HD smart IP mini bullet camera HIC-SB210
– PoE HUB built-in network video recorder HNR-A series

Product appearance