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Line Redundancy Solution for Avoiding DFS Failures
Achieve Uninterrupted Communication via Wi-Fi!

Product Features

One of the issues with video transmission systems using Wi-Fi is the occurrence of communication interruptions due to DFS failures (* 1) and radio wave interference. If video surveillance camera communication is interrupted, it may lead to significant issues.

By incorporating a line redundancy device into the video transmission system, Wi-Fi redundancy is achieved by link aggregation (* 2).
If one network is interrupted, you can seamlessly transition to the other network and continue communication.

*1:Radar waves are prioritized in the 5 GHz band used by weather radar and airports. When using the 5GHz band, when a radar wave is detected, communication is interrupted and an alternative channel is searched for, resulting in a communication interruption of at least 60 seconds.
*2:A function that combines multiple networks in parallel to provide redundancy in the event of a single network failure.

We have prepared a configuration file in advance. By input the config file according to the procedure described, it can be used with simple settings.

Configuration example

Configuration example

Product Specifications

2.4GHz+5.6GHz Wireless redundancy configuration set
– Line redundancy device x 2
– DLB5-15ac x 2
– DLB Propeller 2 x 2

Product appearance