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[Sold to existing clients only] ULC-E-Mod
OEM ULC Video Encoder Module

Product Features

ULC-E-Mod is a military spec ultra low rate video encoder module; a compact OEM module that supports HEVC-ULC encoding up to 1080p. The module provides an optimal platform for UAV solutions that require low latency and low bit rate for video streaming and recording applications.


– Good quality video transmission even under 100 kbps(encoding bitrate from 5kbps ~1 Mbps)
– Peak Rate Control: strictly controlled upper bit-rate provides stable video over unstable networks
– Region of Interest: sharpen video to clearly view the area of interest in detail


– UAV solution
– atellite video communication
– Video security system
– Connected car
– Body worn camera
– LPWA video communication

(Bit Rate Control)

ULC ultra-low rate video codec has various live video streaming features that enable optimal transmission according to the network conditions. streaming and recording applications.

Peak Rate Control Mode (Real time video)

Data used does not exceed the preset data rate parameters

Adaptive Rate Control Mode (Real time video)

Data used adapts to match the data rate available on the network

Product Specifications

Video Resolution 128×96~1920×1080
Snapshot mode 1920×1080
Frame Rate 0.25~30fps
Bit Rate 5kbps~1Mbps
Supported Protocol TCP/IP, UDP/IP
I/O Video In 1x HD-SDI, 1x composite video(USB In)
Network 100BASE-T
Other 1x USB2.0 A-type
Power DC +9V~+16V, equal or higher than 1A
Operating temperature / Humidity -10℃~+50℃/
Dimensions 136mm×60mm

*Final spec is subject to change without warning during development



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