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Hytec Inter offers solutions for streaming live video over bandwidth constrained networking environments using its cutting-edge HEVC-ULC® ultra low rate video codec. Powered by this innovative technology Hytec’s products make it possible to stably deliver critical video feeds over satellite links, 3G/LTE or LPWANs.

With over 20 years’ experience in the technology markets, Hytec uses this expertise to focus on the needs of the end user in order to build strong partnerships and generate commercial opportunities for HEVC-ULC® in the Defence and Industrial sectors. This informs an innovative, forward-thinking product development cycle, that strives to improve upon coding efficiency whilst adding next-generation features and capabilities.

Norihito Asao

President & CEO

As President & CEO Norihito Asao is responsible for the overall management and the strategic direction of Hytec Inter. Under his leadership Hytec has grown from a fledgling trading company of just 5 employees in 2003 to the international SME of 60+ that it is today, with offices in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Israel.

It is Norihito’s motto in business to challenge the market where others fear to tread, and in doing so create new value where none existed before. At Hytec, this translates to proactively operating in niche markets by listening to the needs of end-users and ensuring that Hytec always provides that “extra mile” value. With this guidance Hytec has built strong relationships in challenging verticals, and time and again seen successful expansion of its portfolio in the demanding technology sector.

In 2014, after identifying a critical need for stable video streaming over narrowband networks, Norihito pioneered the decision to invest in development of the technology that became HEVC-ULC®. Today, ULC has an extensive product line-up with a wide range of projects in Defence to Industrial sectors.

Norihito holds BSc in Wireless Communication with a Level 2 Operator license from the Japanese MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications). Additionally, he is an expert in xDSL, IP, Wi-Fi, 3G/LTE, NB IoT and Fiber networks and technologies, with over 20 years of real-world system installation experience.

Samuel Jon Winter

International Business Department Manager

Samuel is responsible for international operations management and development of international channels. With a background in business consulting and channel management he joined Hytec Inter in 2015 to head the newly formed International Business Department. Through his experience in channel management, sales and general management Samuel has enabled Hytec to grow through close integration with business partners and customers alike.

Samuel holds BA in Politics and International Relations from the University of Kent and is a fluent Japanese speaker. Currently, he lives in Tokyo with his wife and two children.