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2.4/5GHz Dual Band Outdoor Wireless Access Point/Bridge

Product Features

The E500 Wi-Fi AP is an outdoor wireless device that supports 2.4 / 5GHz dual band and can also be used as an outdoor wireless LAN access point or bridge. It supports a wide operating temperature of -30 to + 65 ° C and can be installed in places with severe temperature conditions.

Covers a wide range of 360 ° with an omnidirectional antenna. Ideal for building access points.

Compliant with IEEE 802.1X protocol
It conforms to the IEEE802.1X protocol and supports the authentication method EAP-TLS using digital certificates.

Salt water spray test * Performed
It is resistant to salt damage and can be used in areas along the sea and in remote islands.
*IEC 60068-2-52 (test symbol Kb: salt spray (cycle) test.

This product is RoHS compliant.

Usage example

Building a Wi-Fi environment at the campsite.

1. Wi-Fi construction within a range of 90 to 120 ° from the hut with the “Outdoor wireless access point E501S”.
2. “5.6GHz wireless bridge DLB5-15ac” extends the Internet to a point 700m away from the hut by wireless communication.
3. Build Wi-Fi within a 360 ° range at the destination extended in 2. with the “Outdoor Wireless Access Point E500”.
Usage example

Build a Wi-Fi environment in a logging work area without a network environment.

– Build an outdoor Wi-Fi environment in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands with the E500 Wi-Fi AP that conforms to IP67 and has excellent environmental resistance.
– Wi-Fi can be used via the E500 Wi-Fi AP installed in the mobile phone dead zone as an access point by combining outdoor telephone line, Coaxial cable compatible PoE extension device ABiLINX 3101T / R and Industrial LTE router HWL-2511-SS.(※ABiLINX 3101T / R, HWL-2511-SS must be housed in a waterproof box.)
Build a Wi-Fi environment in a logging work area without a network environment.

Connection configuration example

Build a wide range access points by connecting 2.4GHz band and 5GHz band dual band at the same time.
Usage example

Bridge connection between E500s and install multiple access points.
Usage example

Wireless transmission while relaying images from cameras installed at multiple locations.
Usage example

Set up an access point at the event venue
Usage example

The perfect solution for these customers

– Want to build an access point.
→Covers a wide range of 360 ° with an omnidirectional antenna
– Want to use it outdoors
→Wide operating temperature from -30 to + 65 ° C .
→Waterproof / dustproof performance: IP67
→Equipped with PoE output port

Distance characteristics

E500 – E500

2.4GHz band
Bandwidth 20MHz
Distance 100m 500m
Speed 48Mbps 14Mbps
5GHz band
Bandwidth 20MHz 40MHz 80MHz
Distance 100m 500m 100m 500m 100m 500m
Speed 40Mbps 28Mbps 72Mbps 30Mbps 132Mbps 68Mbps

E500 – Smartphone

Distance 50m 100m 150m 200m 250m 300m
Frequency band Bandwidth Speed
2.4GHz 20MHz 28.3Mbps 22.8Mbps 19.4Mbps 13.4Mbps 6.3Mbps 1.6Mbps
5GHz 20MHz 31.5Mbps 31.1Mbps 15.3Mbps 24.1Mbps 21.5Mbps 19.4Mbps
40MHz 37.7Mbps 45.3Mbps 14.2Mbps 33.1Mbps 32.2Mbps 24.2Mbps
80MHz 45.3Mbps 51.1Mbps 16.7Mbps 32.8Mbps 24.5Mbps 22.8Mbps
Distance 50m 100m 150m 200m 250m 300m
Frequency band Bandwidth Speed
2.4GHz 20MHz 20.6Mbps 14.7Mbps 9.3Mbps 7.2Mbps 4.8Mbps 1.5Mbps
5GHz 20MHz 25.2Mbps 15.5Mbps 12.5Mbps 14.1Mbps 12.1Mbps 11.8Mbps
40MHz 20.5Mbps 18.6Mbps 12.8Mbps 15.3Mbps 14.8Mbps 16.1Mbps
80MHz 17.6Mbps 21.3Mbps 13.6Mbps 17.1Mbps 15.8Mbps 14.2Mbps

*Due to the influence of the reflected waves of the earth, the received signal level on the smartphone side may decrease significantly depending on the distance from the E500 and the height at which the smartphone is held.
*The reception performance changes significantly depending on the angle and direction when holding the smartphone.
*Regarding the communication distance and communication speed, we do not guarantee the distance and speed under the customer’s environment.

Device settings
System → Pleacement:Outdoor or Indoor(choose according to the place of use),
Radio → Edit Radio → Radio 1(2.4GHz)
Channel:Automatic, Channel Width:20MHz, Transmit Power:16
Radio → Edit Radio → Radio 2(5GHz)
Channel:Automatic, Channel Width:20MHz, Transmit Power:17
WLAN → Mesh:Off(Access point mode), Base(Master unit mode), Client(Slave mode)

Product Specifications

Product name E500 Wi-Fi AP
Product code 181-CB-001
Wireless LAN interface IEEE802.11 (b, g, a, n, ac)
Wired LAN interface RJ-45 (10/100/1000BASE-TX) x2port
Antenna part 2.4GHz, 5GHz
Each MIMO x2 Built-in
Gain 5dBi
Security WPA2 (802.11i) , WPA2 Enterprise (802.1x/EAP)
Modulation technology OFDM
Modulation method OFDM : 16/64/256QAM, QPSK, BPSK
Frequency band 2.4GHz, 5.1~5.7GHz
Maximum communication speed 802.11n : 300Mbps
802.11ac : 860Mbps
Number of channels Up to 13 channels (2.4GHz)
SSID registration number 16
Maximum client number of concurrent connections 2.4GHz : 256, 5GHz : 127
Action mode Mesh-Base (Access point) , Mesh-Client (Station) , Mesh-Off (Wi-Fi access point)
Maximum transmit power 16dBm (2.4GHz) , 17dBm (W56)
Reception sensitivity -90dBm~ (Depends on bandwidth)
Management function HTTP/HTTPS, SNMP (read only) v2c/v3
Power supply AC 100~240V 50/60Hz (PoE adaptor)
*Please use the PoE adapter (our product) we sell separately
Maximum power consumption 13W (8W typ. )
Operating temperature -30~+65℃
Operating humidity 0~90% (No condensation)
Storage temperature -30~+65℃
Waterproof and dustproof performance IP67
Size (W) 204 x (H) 300 x (D) 64 mm (Does not include protrusions)
Weight 950g (only a main body)
Installation method Prop mount、wall mount
Certification TELEC (Certification number : 003-160272)
CE Marking, RoHS
Product warranty period 1year
Accessories Installation bracket
Pole mounting clamp x2
LAN cable mounting waterproof connector x2
Wall mounting screws & anchors x 4 each

Range of pole diameters that can be attached: 40-70 mm in diameter

Optional product
Power supply
Product name Product code
HPI-XG30 174-HY-005
Line redundancy device
Product name Product code
Line redundancy device 113-MS05-0003
Line redundancy device set 113-MS05-K001

Product appearance


– 2.4 / 5GHz dual band

– Built-in omnidirectional antenna covers a wide range of 360 °

– Operating temperature:-30~+65℃

– Waterproof / dustproof performance:IP67

– Supports PoE power supply

– Supports IEEE 802.11ac